Icos Chevron Necklace


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We have collaborated with designer, Alfred & Wilde, to create a collection of jewellery inspired by the platonic solids, a series of five solid shapes named after the Ancient Greek thinker Plato. The solid shapes are symmetrical, and each is made up of faces that are the same shape. Their mathematical beauty has led them to be repeatedly linked to the construction of the universe.

This handmade necklace is inspired by an icosohedron. The base is frosted white, with a mirrored gold geometric frame on top.

Pendant is 5.5cm by 2.75cm Total necklace length is 45cm. Chain is gold plated.

Made from acrylic. 

This item comes in a gift box, which has the W&M logo hand stamped in gold foil.

Please note that this item is made to order, and will be shipped in 2-3 working days.

This item qualifies for free UK standard shipping. Hooray!

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